Think. Brand. Connect.

"Brands are all about emotion and connection;

the feeling that the brand is an extension of the consumer’s very existence."

Hi, I’m Brian Pia, Founder and Principal Strategist of Think Tank Partners.

I started Think Tank Partners because, as a serial entrepreneur, I often found that the start-up and early stage markets often lacked access to the same level of expertise that was available to large, market leading companies.

Knowing that my background was a perfect fit for this need, I made the transition to  Think Tank Partners. It was the next logic step in my entrepreneurial journey. 

What does this mean for you?

Over the course of my career I have had the privilege to work for, and work with, some of most respected brands in the market.

I focused on helping those brands properly align their capabilities with consumer expectations. We built meaningful, long-term relationships where the consumer was at the heart of the business.  Those experiences were amazing.  I felt honored to work with such talented teams and gain first hand knowledge of brand building and the consumer journey. There was nothing more satisfying than watching a brand and their consumers become fully aligned.


Although these experiences were extremely valuable, working in corporate America didn’t always allow me to leverage my entrepreneurial spirit. After a while, I actually found that an entrepreneurial drive was not necessarily as good thing.  So I began to take self-inventory. I found that my love was in working with people who were highly committed and driven. I enjoyed surrounding myself with people willing to engage in unconventional approaches to build their product or service portfolio to its fullest potential.

Today, Think Tank Partners helps entrepreneurs and business leaders succeed in building brands that align with their consumer’s rapidly shifting expectations. Our team has deep experience across industry verticals such as consumer electronics, travel, professional services, healthcare, banking and financial services, and so many more.

How does big business translate into this market?

Think Tank Partners is my sixth start-up, so I know the challenges you’re facing.

My team and I know the difficulties in designing relevant products and services. We understand how valuable it is to have guidance from those who have lived through the challenges that all young businesses face.

Addressing your needs…

Our portfolio of services is fluid based on market trends and our client’s needs.  Lately we have found that building Customer Journey Maps have proven to be an invaluable resource.  They have transformed how our client’s businesses engage their consumers, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs and higher Customer Lifetime Value.

Consumer and Customer Segmentation strategies are now paramount to success. These strategies identify the right target audiences and assure your business and consumers are speaking the same language.  Our tech, consumer products & services, healthcare, and retail clients have all found that a focused target is conducive to their models.  While each strategy yields its own benefits, the results are tend to lean toward increased revenue and profitability, as well as lower customer acquisition costs; all from “thinking smaller.” 

Brand Optimization has helped many companies, both large and small, become more effective. Recently, we worked with a Fashion Stylist to redefine her go-to-market strategy and business structure.  She was able to get back over 12 hours each week.  She took that time to reinvest into her growth program, all while increasing her revenue 2x against quarterly projections.

Our goal is too position each of our clients for the best possible outcomes given their unique capabilities and vision. But we don’t stop there.  We recognize that many of the concepts in the strategic vision may be new, so we work along side you and your team to help you stay on track.  

Our commitment.

Our name, Think Tank Partners, represents how we serve you, the start-up and early stage market.  Our mission is to guide you by leveraging our expertise in a collaborative fashion.  We don’t ever tell you what to do. Instead we create a safe environment where we are able to work together to share ideas, provide advice, and build solutions to develop meaningful and relevant branding strategies. Our partner-centric approach is intended to foster the feeling that we are an extension of your team.